From man to machine – The evolution of AI

As people ridiculed Alan Turing for proposing machines that could actually think back in the 50s, who would have thought that this idea would actually come to fruition and become an entire field of its own just a few decades after. What existed only as figments of active imagination turned into actual reality.

Artificial intelligence took plenty of research, time, and experiments to become Continue Reading →

Internet Of Things. Bigger than you think.

We often hear spiritual people say things like all of us are branches of a common trunk or that everything in this world is somehow connected. For some of you, such a thought may seem quite absurd; how can so many people and things be connected all at once? But what if I were to tell you that an example of such an interconnected web of objects does indeed exist in tangible form and soon to blow up as one of the most talked about technology trends of all time. The Internet of Things is here and it is here with a bang.

The primary aim of most of the technologies that we use today is to create a work space and a life which is smarter and much more efficient than previously possible. The Internet of Things (IoT) is arguably the biggest step towards such a smart future.

IoT is a network that connects several devices together and allows them to exchange and transfer data. This promises for businesses, industries, homes, and workplaces that are much smarter and efficient in their function than those not employing this system of ‘interconnected things’. Since the IoT market is expected to garner a staggering *$1.7 trillion by the end of 2020, it is obvious why it has become a major investing field for many businesses- it is bound to create big revenue in the coming years.

The internet is such an integral part of our lives now. Most businesses look to advertise their brands using online services in order to maximise product exposure. With the Internet of Things, the way we do business will transform and newer marketing and producing schemes will emerge.

The future of IoT

The future of the IoT is as bright as any and it is expected to be the most hyped, talked about, and widely used technology trend. It is also expected that an estimate of almost *20 billion things will be connected to each other as soon as 2020! It has already begun to root itself deep in to our lives and soon enough many of the major industries and world economies will be investing heavily in it.

* Predictions are based on various external sources, you should make your own bet. However, we expect IoT to grow more than any predictions out there today.

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