Is China going to dominate AI?



Most of the AI researchers and research centres are in Europe or US, so why everyone I meet is so adamant that China is going to dominate AI.


I don’t think so. I don’t think there will be a single dominator but who knows. If in future we get to have a dominator then I hope it’s not someone or something who does it to control.


What we hear from the media is what’s visible. It’s hard to get the clear picture of the state of practice and progress from all over the world. Western media is a dominant media in EU and US, thats why the statement like China is going to dominate AI looks implausible to most of us.

Time will tell. And as @fishburner mentioned, I also hope that there is no dominant force or atleast there is no dominant controlling force.

China is a home of 3 humungous organisations investing heavily in AI. Thats Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu. They will develop super intelligence, may be not supreme. I hope that supreme intelligence comes from all of us together.


I think it’s pretty impossible though with the way they treat IP you never know. Theres a few reasons I am skeptical.

  1. Lack of Elite Academic Institutions - China college education system is far beyond the west which is why they still ship their best and brightest overseas. They heavily invest in giving research dollars to mitigate this but with the US and Canada now limiting the amount of Chinese students that are allowed at those institutions you will see that change.

  2. Inability to Immigrate Top Researchers. - China has never been a great place to immigrate to and it’s not getting better. Most of the top AI talent comes from europe, US, and Canada especially. Then most if not all those people move to the US to work for these top tech companies.

  3. Weak Research Impact - China is one of the top counties in terms of AI paper created but one of lowest when it comes to impact of those paper. Most papers have something called a H-index to show how many times their paper are referenced which reflects it’s importance. China make 100 times as many paper as a country like canada but doesn’t come close to impact but their research is weak.