Is there any machine translation service which actually works?



We have been using google translate. It works great to translate English to Latin based languages but really falls short otherwise.

What are the alternatives, does anyone here have any experience using any other translation services?


There are many services but most of them are more or less at the same level. Machine Learning tech is growing fast but almost all of us are growing at the same speed.

I would base my comparison on price, language pairs offered, ease of use and the open documentation.

Google, Yandex and Microsoft supports the largest number of language pairs, followed by Baidu, SDL etc.

There was a presentation by Intento last year, they seem to have consolidated all services in to this presentation.


Try IBM Watson application services


Thanks @aaronscat and @junaidraza !
It’s a long list to try but thanks for the suggestions. It seems we are the time when everything is kind of blurry.