What are the ethical implications of Artificial Intelligence?



AI has gotten involved in almost every aspect of our daily life, like cell phones, software, medicine, security devices, even in kitchen appliances and toys. With such major involvement of AI and machine intelligence, its ethical aspects cannot be ruled out. What can be the possible ethical implications of AI?


It’s a great question, and the honest answer is - no one really knows, we can be smart about it and form certain guidelines as we progress. AI is one of those things which we know is big and is going to be bigger, our lives will be different.

We will live around and with AI. It’s too early to judge and form opinions but it’s the right time to start a conversation.

Currently most AI research is going to focussed AI, focussed AI is great at what it does and it does it better than humans, but it does one thing and one thing only. The problem or the dilemma starts with the Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), this is where we need to be extremely careful in what we are hoping for. Because whatever we hope for will come true, it’s a matter of time.

OpenAI team is doing a lot towards building a truly generic AI but they are doing it for all of us, not for certain corporation. They refer to it as a ‘Safe artificial general intelligence’, which is commendable!

Recently facebook also funded an AI ethics centre in Munich, Germany. Germany is a great place to start such a centre due to its geographical location and laws supporting such an initiative.

I am exited to see what is yet to come. What a time to be alive, so much has changed and a lot is about to change.


@kickstarter well said. We just don’t know. We are trying to figure this out…