What is difference between Ann and Rnn



Neural networks are used to solve complex problems, Ann and Rnn are two different models, what is their usage and how we can use them in our project in python


RNN (Recurrent Neural Network) is considered to be a part of ANN (Artificial Neural Network). ANN is a general category which can refer to many types of networks.

RNN contains units like LSTM (Long short-term memory), LSTM time step, GRU etc.

Now, back to your initial question. Python is a natural fit for solving big data questions and there are many great open source libraries available in python which makes it the most common choice for many developers.

I would recommend you to check out TensorFlow and Keras to start with. These libraries are easy to use and well documented.

You can use ANN/RNN or neural networks in general to solve many real world problems ranging from simple predictions to finding a cure for a disease.


TensonFlow is also available for node.js
Although Python have more libraries available :thinking: